The Company "BioTecnoLab" SrL is a young and dynamic high Specialist in Medical Aesthetics, Functional Rehabilitation and Wellness which uses the methodology of sharing with Business Studies Doctors and Centers Aesthetics Professional, creating a great opportunity for patients and customers.

“BioTecnoLab” is dedicated to the commercialization of equipment for Medical Aesthetics and Functional Rehabilitation and does an emphasis on quality of its products and technology innovation. A specialized team carries out constant research on the most innovative technologies for the Professional Aesthetics and Functional Rehabilitation, with access to Doctors and experts of the sector. Products are monitored at all stages of implementation, according to strict protocols that ensure Quality, Safety and Functionality. Every stage of production is treated in detail and the final product is the result of an industrial process carried out with the utmost care and precision. (Study, design and construction entirely in ITALY).

The Mission of "BioTecnoLab" is investing in Research,
Training and Upgrading:

Search for products and high-tech equipment capable of ensuring the effectiveness of treatments offered with maximum safety for the Patient and the Operator.

Continuous training of all personnel performing the treatment and monitoring of results are the key elements on which "BioTecnoLab" bases its success formula; each operator receives a theoretical and practical training in addition to its already high Professional Qualifications with the goal of using a single methodology for the treatment delivery allowing that the positive results are always repeatable.

Update through a Vision broad market: thanks to the constant presence in the Meeting Professional, it is constantly monitored and verified the effectiveness of new methods and techniques for the solution of various Aesthetic problems.

All this translates to a definite advantage for the patient: the opportunity to make beauty and/or Rehabilitative Treatments with equipment of last generation always, practiced by highly specialized personnel with the certainty of the result at a competitive price.

The "BioTecnoLab" brand has been on the market for equipment for the aesthetics and rehabilitative devices as a synonym for Reliability, Quality and Safety "Made in Italy". Since birth, he has paid attention to the needs of the market and its customers by providing products that combine professional Affectivity the necessary safety and reliability over time. All our products are compliant with EU directives 2006/95 / EC, 2004/108 / EC, as amended, and they authorize the affixing of the CE mark.

Our staff is at your disposal for information on:

  • Aesthetic and Medical equipment
  • Cosmetics Creams and Gels
  • Magnetotherapy Devices
  • Supplements - Phytotherapics - Dietary
  • Detailed and customed quotes
  • Accessories and spare parts
  • Technical assistance

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