Technological Research and the Nature remedies to improve
the BEAUTY and HEALTH of our body.

macchine estiche

The modern Technological Research "BioFisioClinic”: a quick and secure way to convey beneficial substances and healing to the epidermis and the deep dermis as Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Tripeptides, A - C - E Vitamins, etc.

Creme e gel estetici  Viso e Corpo

The unique and innovative complete Aesthetics line "BioFisioLine" for professional use of creams and gels indicated for each type of aesthetic Face and Body.


From BioTecnoLine modern research "BioMagnetoClinic", a complete medical line for professional and domestic use for Magnetotherapic applications.

estetica e benessere

The doctor, modulating the use of devices and Cosmetics Creams and Gels dedicated, can improve many small problems of Health and Cosmetics of their patients.


Reliability, Support After Sales and Customer Care after purchase are one of the characteristics of our distribution network with multiple customization options.

serietà e affidabilità

Linea Noverbe Fitoterapici

New natural line "Noverbe" by the Nature remedies and dietary Phytotherapics to integrate and promote the welfare of our Body.

The Doctor, with the use of Phytotherapy and Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins integrates systemically active fundamental for Welfare and Health.

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